‘Recovery’ can mean different things to different people, here’s what it means to me.

The majority of the posts and content on this site (as well as our app) is currently focussed on 12-Step recovery programmes. That’s because, quite simply the 12-Steps have been a big part of my life and early programme of recovery.

However the longer I am in recovery, I am beginning to realise that ‘Recovery‘ means more to me than just working the steps or being part of a 12 step programme. The idea that my daily programme of recovery is now about a broader sense of ‘healing and wellness’ across the mental, physical and spiritual – is one that’s really resonating with me.

This means of course working my 12-Step programme each and every day, but also means looking at things like my exercise, nutrition and therapy to address other issues in my life. It means taking care of, and being kind to myself, looking at practices to broaden my mindfulness and spirituality.

This is what recovery is starting to mean to me, and it’s (hopefully) going to be the focus of this site moving forwards. One day at a time…