I wanted to share a project by Sam Delaney that is well worth following. ‘The Reset’ is a newsletter/blog and podcast which explores a wide range of addiction and recovery issues under the wider topic of mental health.

The podcast is great. Each episode is around half an hour with a great range of guests and discussions. So far there’s been talk about gambling, trauma, eating disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction and more.

The newsletter which you can either have emailed to you or read online (See link below) is incredibly well written. My inbox is full of newsletters each week, but this is something I always take the time to read. Newsletters often tell stories of Sam’s own experience, all written with amazing humour and strong messages of recovery. It’s genuinely useful and a joy to read.

If you haven’t already:

  • Check out ‘The Reset’ and subscribe here
  • Follow Sam Delay on Twitter here