As Bill Sees It was first published in 1967, a few years before Bill W eventually passed away. AA had by this time grown considerably around the world and Bill W had in addition to The Big Book also written “12 Steps and 12 Traditions”, “AA Comes of Age” and “12 Concepts for World Service”. The Grapevine had also been setup to publish and carry the message of AA around the world.

As Bill Sees It is a collection of 300+ short excerpts from these various publications as well as from Bill W’s personal correspondence to AA’s around the world, which together within this volume span almost every aspect of AA and it’s spiritual principles.

The book itself has an index at the beginning, making finding readings around certain topics quick and easy. It’s a great book to have alongside Daily Reflections for quick daily inspiration, or for groups to have to hand to inspire discussion at meetings.

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