This is something I’ve often overheard in the rooms, but what does it mean exactly to ‘do the next right thing’?

Everyone will have their own understanding of this which will be informed by their own interpretation, and experience. It’s something which has come to mean more to me now after eight months in the programme and having initially worked through the twelve steps…

For this alcoholic, doing the next right thing is about more than just my programme, it’s a philosophy which I need to take with me each day and incorporate into all my daily affairs. Working the programme certainly comes into it, I need to make sure that each day I’m putting my programme first, whether that’s attending meetings, doing service, keeping in touch with other fellows or doing my daily step-work.

However doing the right thing also means I need to look at the wider things in my life and make sure that I’m being a spiritual warrior in everything I do today. I need to constantly ask myself questions; am I supporting my family and friends? Can I be useful or helpful to others today? Am I working hard or working towards a purpose today? Have I behaved with integrity and honesty today or do I need revisit an area of my life and make things right? Perhaps most importantly, am I taking care of myself and being the best version of myself today?

To me all of these are important questions to ask myself to ensure that I’m constantly doing the next right thing. Asking myself these questions and working towards a yes for each means I’m as spiritually fit as I possibly can be, and can live a better life today. A life that despite the ups and downs, is a better one than I ever had before thanks to the twelve steps.