‘Drop The Rock’ (an essential read for those working a recovery programme) has a really nice overview of core recovery principles and how they relate to each of the 12 steps:

Step One – Honesty
Step Two – Hope
Step Three – Faith
Step Four – Courage
Step Five – Integrity
Step Six – Willingness
Step Seven – Humility
Step Eight – Brotherly Love
Step Nine – Justice
Step Ten – Perseverance
Step Eleven – Spiritual Awareness
Step Twelve – Service

The exact origin of the list above is unknown, but over the years it’s been printed in various AA newsletters and publications and used by many members as a reminder of how to live life each day.

What strikes me most is just how different my old life was to what I practice today. As an active member of AA and working the programme each day, I need to fully embrace this new way of living, I need to be free of my past, my old ways of thinking and behaviour so that I can live a more useful and spiritual life.

I do this by working the twelve steps and embracing these new principles. Principles which are the direct opposites of the way I used to live and let run my life which led to a life of drinking and using.

All I can say is I’m much happier today, I’m happier with who I am, the person I am able to be in this world and I’m happier about what the future might hold, and It’s all down to a new life living life by these principles…

/ J