The AA preamble, a short reading which is often read aloud before any meeting makes the primary purpose clear:

“Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety”.

AA Preamble

Sometimes it’s easy to forget this when we’re busy with life, working our programme, attending meetings, doing service and everything in-between.

As I’ve been reading more and more and progressing with my own programme I’ve been thinking about various principles which are important to our programmes and our sobriety, my relationship with my higher power, acceptance, honesty, humility and how to take my own sponsee through the twelve steps.

With all of this, sometimes things can feel overwhelming.

It’s also something I need to remind myself when writing for this site. This blog has helped me hugely in maintaining my own programme of recovery, it gives me motivation to work harder and get a deeper understanding of things so that hopefully I can write things which also help people new to the twelve steps.

I love the simplicity of this reminder, we are here to stay sober and help others do the same.
It’s a simple programme as they say…

/ J