Being a newcomer in recovery during lockdown has been an interesting experience to say the least. Online meetings have played a huge part of my ongoing journey. I’m collating a list of online resources to find online meetings below, if you know or hear of any more please leave a comment below and I’ll add it to the list.

AA London
Directory of UK/London meetings. Webpage shows upcoming Zoom meetings based on the current time. Clicking any meeting takes you to a direct Zoom link to open the meeting. This has been my source of daily meetings during lockdown.

Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous
Webpage which lists upcoming international meetings. You can use a range of filters to help narrow down the type of meeting you’re looking for. Great resource, but sometimes listings are out of date or the link can take you to external AA group webpages making finding the actual meeting slightly difficult.

General Meeting Directory
PDF document with meetings listed by day. All meetings listed in EST. |

Victoria, Australia Meeting Directory
Webpage where you can find upcoming meetings in Victoria, Australia. Each listing has a countdown timer to help you to let you know when each one starts.

Southeast Michigan Listings
Google doc with Michigan listings. Meetings arranged by day alongside Zoom meeting ID and passwords. Clicking a link takes you directly to the meeting.

NY Intergroup Online Directory
Webpage with list of Zoom meetings by day, with passwords and other notes/details listed next to each. All meetings NY local time.

LA Meeting Directory
Google spreadsheet with list of LA meetings. Sheet contains zoom link for each meeting as well as passwords and dial-in information. All meetings LA local time.