Intheday Recovery Tracking App

Welcome to In The Day,  an all-new, lovingly designed and crafted mobile app to help people in any 12 step recovery programme.

Anonymity above all. No name, email or phone number needed to sign up.
We have no advertising of any kind and no personal data is ever needed to use our app.

We built this app from the ground-up for our own recovery with three principles in mind:

  • Simple, beautiful and fun to use
  • Sparks joy and inspiration during the day
  • Helps your daily recovery progress and motivates you on your recovery journey


  • Daily dashboard to keep track of your recovery programme
  • Key programme readings and audio recordings
  • Mood and meeting tracker
  • Daily suggestions tracker
  • Tap and track your gratitudes, defects and resentments each day
  • Customisable inventory to help you keep track of your nightly reviews
  • Visualise your recovery journey. Unlike any other 12 step or recovery app we have built unique ways to visually see your programme progress and recovery journey.

Working on this has been a huge help to our own journey of recovery. We will continue to develop it and build new recovery features as long as it people find it useful and as long as it is being used to help fellows around the world recover from addiction.


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